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TEL //

This is a 5 position telescoping stock
shown fully extended and fully collapsed.
It has a sling stud for mounting your own loop.

M4 Fixed Stock
M4FS //

Yes, it looks like an M4 adjustable stock. However, we have replaced the buffer tube with our own adaptor to fix it in place.

M4 //

This is a standard, 6 position, M4 stock (shown fully collapsed) with the buffer tube mounted to the CCU using the adapter shown in the photo immediately below. The M4 Adapter comes with this stock and so is incuded in the price shown.

M4 Stock Adapter
M4A //

This adapter attaches to the rear of the CCU housing. Many customers already own an M4 stock and buffer tube. The adapter accepts both military and commercial buffer tubes.

Butt Pad
BP //
This butt pad comes standard on our Telestock. It is also available for use on our M4 Fixed and M4 Adjustable stocks.

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